Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coors Light Maxim Ultimate Golf Experience winner!


So you are looking at the winner of the Coors Light Maxim ultimate golf experience. I was hustling votes for a few weeks and ended up in first place overall. I won the Director Of Mayhem spot and my new friend Jordan won the Cold Beer Inspector job and Ally won the Coors Light Caddy position.

The prize is a trip to British Columbia for the weekend to party with Coors Light and Maxim all inclusive party of a lifetime. I am definitely looking forward to going. I actually was lucky enough to win last year too! I know eh I should share! But hey, this is a sweet party and why let a good thing go?

I will have put a few pictures up that I took last year when I won the Photographer position. I will be sure to take lots of pictures this year as well!

We will start with the ladies!

Party time is all the time This is the most work my friend Ken had to do all weekend, tough job eh!

Cant complain eh ken
Thought this was a cool shot of the Honourary Caddy, Jen
This was our mc and a handful of caddy's

We got to go to Mount Grouse and see some wildlife

Deer walking underneat our gondula This is a look inside the coors light party bus!

These guys had the sweetest outfits. They were partying like it was 1979!

There's the four winners of 2008 enjoying their silver bullets!

All in all it was an amazing trip and I got some awesome video that I have yet to edit. To be fair though I spent the last 7 months in Australia! I'll get to the videos later. Until then - Cheers!

Back In Canada!

So I am back in Canada now. It was a hectic and also relaxing 7 months in Australia but I have returned to the motherland to start .....REAL LIFE!! oh no!

I started by applying for jobs in security at some resorts in the Muskoka area. I ended up getting a job at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. Huntsville is a gorgeous town in northern Ontario and I plan on taking lots of pictures while I am living there during every season. I might even buy a place up there and open a bit of a bed and breakfast, but right now I am just trying to sort everything out with work. I am looking forward to the summer in Muskoka, but also to the winter because Deerhurst resort features the national pond hockey tournament and I will definitely be playing in that.

Since I have been back besides looking for a job I have also been updating my websites and doing a bit of Photography. My mom had a litter of puppies and so does a friend of mine so I have included a few pictures that I took. The first two pictures or from my moms Bernese Mountain Dogs

If you want some more cute pictures you could check out my friends Basset Hounds website. Here is a picture I took of his female Basset Hound and her puppies.