Friday, September 11, 2009

Dunk Island

Dunk Island

Hey, I had been neglecting my travel blog lately so I wanted to post something each day of the week( I came close) Well here is another post. It is a review of our visit to Dunk Island. We took the water taxi from mission beach to dunk island and had a great time! Dunk island has a lot to offer from tubing, water skiing about 50 other water sports, golfing and more. It is such an awesome island to visit and it is a shame we only had a half day there. If you ever go stay for a while in the hotel, oh and before you go read the whole review and check out all my pictures - Dunk Island Review

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

We visited the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and had a blast. This was the third attraction that we saw while we were in Kuranda. The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary provides some great photo oppurtunities and would be the experience of a lifetime for any butterfly enthusiast. We spent about and hour there, you can read the full review and see all the pictures here Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Review

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hey I have moved house!


Go figure, not only am I traveling but my blog is to. You have to admit though, the new blog is much better :D

All the posts here have been imported to my new blog in an easy to navigate way, if you are looking for something just use the search box on my new blog. CHEERS

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Koala Garden - Visit and Review

Visit and Review Kuranda Koala Gardens

While we were staying in Australia we decided to visit Kuranda. After visiting Kuranda Birdworld we visited the Kuranda Koala Garden. My girlfriend had wanted to hold a Koala Bear since we had gotten to Australia but we never really got the chance before and I heard you could do it at the Koala Garden. I figured it would be some overpriced cash grab with some dyeing Koala Bear. Wrong! We were greeted by the cutest Koala bears we had ever seen I HAVE MOVED MY BLOG (the new one is much better) TO READ THE REST OF THIS POST CHECK IT OUT ON MY NEW BLOG - KOALA GARDEN VISIT AND REVIEW - I left the pictures up though, for the whole story check out my new and improved blog. Thanks :D

We also visited the Kuranda Birdworld on the same day and the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Questions this blog answers:

Where can I hold a Koala Bear?
Where in Australia can I hold a Koala Bear?
Where to hold a Koala Bear in Australia?
The best Place to hold a Koala Bear
The Best place in Queensland to hold a Koala Bear

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travel Stimulus offer to Australia

Want a Cheap flight from Canada to Australia?

Ok so right now I want to take hot needles and JAM THEM INTO MY EYE SOCKETS!! Why?? Because I just saw an ad, on my own blog, about a travel stimulus package to Australia! GOSH DARN IT. I might have to go back. I left for Australia from Canada October 2008 and it cost me $1200 for a one way ticket to Melbourne. Then to come back it cost me $1400 for a one way ticket. Mind you we did stop over in Japan but that was the flight path anyways so we just took advantage of it. So when I was in Australia I heard talks of a travel stimulus package and it looks like it's in place now. Why would I want to stick hot needles into my eye balls? ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS STARTING AT $1000 are you kidding me. I could have saved a tonne of money if I had a deal like that. Which would have been more money I could have spent when I was in Australia, on important things like beer and my girlfriends expensive spending habits!

Oh well, if you are thinking about going to Australia take my word for it, DO IT and do it now, these prices wont last forever!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kuranda BirdWorld Visit and Review

Kuranda BirdWorld

A few months my girlfriend and I visited BirdWorld in Kuranda with a few friends. BirdWorld is located in beautiful Kuranda approximately a half hour from Cairns, Queensland. My girlfriend had been bugging me for ages to take her to Kuranda and time was ticking down to the day we leave for Canada, so I decided to rent a car and go. WAS I HAPPY WE WENT!

I HAVE RECENTLY MOVED MY BLOG. TO READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW CHECK IT OUT HERE - BIRDWORLD REVIEW AND VISIT I left all the pictures though, but if your wondering what the heck is going on then just mosey on over to my other blog (it's quite a bit better)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coors Light Maxim Ultimate Golf Experience winner!


So you are looking at the winner of the Coors Light Maxim ultimate golf experience. I was hustling votes for a few weeks and ended up in first place overall. I won the Director Of Mayhem spot and my new friend Jordan won the Cold Beer Inspector job and Ally won the Coors Light Caddy position.

The prize is a trip to British Columbia for the weekend to party with Coors Light and Maxim all inclusive party of a lifetime. I am definitely looking forward to going. I actually was lucky enough to win last year too! I know eh I should share! But hey, this is a sweet party and why let a good thing go?

I will have put a few pictures up that I took last year when I won the Photographer position. I will be sure to take lots of pictures this year as well!

We will start with the ladies!

Party time is all the time This is the most work my friend Ken had to do all weekend, tough job eh!

Cant complain eh ken
Thought this was a cool shot of the Honourary Caddy, Jen
This was our mc and a handful of caddy's

We got to go to Mount Grouse and see some wildlife

Deer walking underneat our gondula This is a look inside the coors light party bus!

These guys had the sweetest outfits. They were partying like it was 1979!

There's the four winners of 2008 enjoying their silver bullets!

All in all it was an amazing trip and I got some awesome video that I have yet to edit. To be fair though I spent the last 7 months in Australia! I'll get to the videos later. Until then - Cheers!