Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to brew your own iced tea

Hey everyone, this is an old video I made but I think it is cool so I thought I would share. My dad showed me this recipe that he learned from my Grandma. This is a very old, and very delicious recipe for iced tea. This is just how my Grandma used to make it on my grandparents farm in the mid 1900's She would make large amounts for all the people working in the fields. I still make it the same way she did and I love it!

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day in Australia

Hey Christmas in Australia is deffinitely a lot different then Christmas in Canada. It felt so strange leading up to Christmas because people were saying "Summer is here, it's getting hotter, Christmas is coming" That just did not sound right to me!! I am used to the exact opposite. After experiencing Christmas in Canada and Christmas in Australia I would have to say nothing beats the experience back home so if you are in Canada dont take it for granted. I attached a little video to this blog to let you know what Christmas in Australia is like. I will add some more posts to give you a better idea of what life is like here, but not just yet. My girlfriend is antsy in her pantsy to go boxing day shopping! (It is Christmas in Canada but Boxing day now in Australia)

The video should give you a pretty good idea of what Christmas is like in Australia. I will add a few pictures as well. My girlfriend and I felt a bit homesick on Christmas (it was our first time not being with our families!) So we decided to do something that made us feel at home. BUILD A SNOWMAN! Of course on the beach in Australia there is no snow, so we had to improvise

Needless to say our Snowman was a pretty popular fellow.

I think we could have put a change cup out to make money. Speaking of which there was one street performer in particular that caught our attention. At first we thought that this was a statue of Santa....until he moved! The guy did a really good job on his costume. Neat eh!

So that is what Christmas is Like in Australia, well Melbourne anyways. I could just imagine what it would be like in Far North Queensland or Cairns where the weather is very tropical! The city did a good job of putting up decorations and having Christmas music but it just doesnt feel the same when everything is so different. I will pug up a few more pictures and a neat video soon. I should go to bed (work in the morning) Follow my blog if you don't want to miss the rest of this post :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Hey the name is Jeremy, if you are reading this you could have stumbled accross it on the web, or you followed one of my links. I have finally decided that my life is interesting enough that some people might want to check up on me from time to time and see what I am up to. I wont post to this blog every day, only when I think something is interesting enough to share with the world (or atleast all my friends and family) so to start, a bit about myself

I am 23, born in Canada and living in Australia right now. I love sports, comedy, finding ways to make money, travelling and learning and I have a girlfriend ( for over 3 years now) Chances are this blog will contain a lot of content about the things I like, so expect posts about sports (mostly Hockey) ways I have made money, my travels ( a lot of Australian content to come) and hopefully some posts that will make you laugh.

Why I started this blog? Well I have been thinking of doing it for sometime now, and I just won a new sony W910i phone which lets me take pictures and videos and add them to a blog instantly so I figured, hey why not. Now everyone back home can keep track of me and other people can get a glimpse of my life. Dont be shy, leave a comment