Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travel Stimulus offer to Australia

Want a Cheap flight from Canada to Australia?

Ok so right now I want to take hot needles and JAM THEM INTO MY EYE SOCKETS!! Why?? Because I just saw an ad, on my own blog, about a travel stimulus package to Australia! GOSH DARN IT. I might have to go back. I left for Australia from Canada October 2008 and it cost me $1200 for a one way ticket to Melbourne. Then to come back it cost me $1400 for a one way ticket. Mind you we did stop over in Japan but that was the flight path anyways so we just took advantage of it. So when I was in Australia I heard talks of a travel stimulus package and it looks like it's in place now. Why would I want to stick hot needles into my eye balls? ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS STARTING AT $1000 are you kidding me. I could have saved a tonne of money if I had a deal like that. Which would have been more money I could have spent when I was in Australia, on important things like beer and my girlfriends expensive spending habits!

Oh well, if you are thinking about going to Australia take my word for it, DO IT and do it now, these prices wont last forever!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kuranda BirdWorld Visit and Review

Kuranda BirdWorld

A few months my girlfriend and I visited BirdWorld in Kuranda with a few friends. BirdWorld is located in beautiful Kuranda approximately a half hour from Cairns, Queensland. My girlfriend had been bugging me for ages to take her to Kuranda and time was ticking down to the day we leave for Canada, so I decided to rent a car and go. WAS I HAPPY WE WENT!

I HAVE RECENTLY MOVED MY BLOG. TO READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW CHECK IT OUT HERE - BIRDWORLD REVIEW AND VISIT I left all the pictures though, but if your wondering what the heck is going on then just mosey on over to my other blog (it's quite a bit better)